June 2017 Empties

My June 2017 collection of empties

About a month ago, I found the Project Empties to be a challenge that I would benefit from.  I have so many indoor tanning lotions at this point that it cannot be sane.  I have about 20 full size bottles and at one point around 50 sample packets.  I have made it my goal starting this summer to use up atleast one packet a week.  I don’t know how long it will take me to use up everything.  But some progress is better than none, right?  Also I am trying to stop myself from buying anymore atleast until I have used half of my current stash up.  So this is what I managed to add to my Monthly Empties Bag:

  • Dove Pink Beauty Bar soap- I have used this bar faithfully since 1998 for nighttime face wash
  • Lil Bit Country Tan Extender moisturizer by Devoted Creations- this lotion was a prize I won from a tan giveaway last summer.  It’s very moisturizing and creamy, rubs into the skin well but I never cared for the scent, it smelled like cheap perfume in my opinion
  • Hemp Nation Toasted Marshmallow and Coconut by Australian Gold Tan Extender- Very creamy, rich and moisturizing daily after tan lotion.  When I first tried it, I hated the scent but it kinda grew on me after a while
  • L’Oreal Total Repair Extreme Shampoo- I love this shampoo.  Very sudsy and thick with a clean fresh scent.  I am working on a Costco sized bottle of this currently
  • VITAL by California Tan sample packet- tingle indoor tanning lotion
  • JWOWW Black Bronzer sample packet- dark bronzer tanning lotion
  • Blazin’ Bananas by Supre Tan- tingle indoor tanning lotion
  • Island Black by Tan Asz U- dark bronzer tanning lotion
  • Body Flaunt by Supre Tan- tan extender
  • Belle by Designer Skin- natural bronzer tanning lotion

Hope to get the reviews of all of these lotions up soon and I will provide a link to those!

I will post my empties on the last day of the month or the first day of the new month to keep myself organized.

Working on my July empties now!  Do you like the Empties Challenge?  Let me know in the comments!

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