Tanning Session: Designer Skin Provoked and JWOWW Warming Leg Bronzer

Happy Monday morning!  Here in southern North Carolina the weather is a bit gloomy, so I squeezed in a 10 minute tanning session.  Now, I know the risks of indoor tanning, but like anything else, I try to do it in moderation and not go overboard.  Unlike when I was younger and hitting the salon every day then laying out all day, since I’m getting older I usually try to keep it to 3 times a week at the most.

I went through a buying frenzy last summer and again some this summer with buying tons of sample packets and even some full size bottles.  I ended up with so many that I started worrying how in the world was I going to use them all?  This is what prompted my interest in the Project Empties challenge, and I’m thankful for the day I found them.  I have put myself on a strict “no buy” rule until I use more than 75% of my collection.  I am trying to use atleast 1 packet a week if not more.  This is a bad addiction to have because these lotions do not come cheap!  Some of my tanning buddies on Instagram have even more than I do, so I don’t feel so bad lol.  I will share a picture of my entire lotion collection this week just to show you the craziness.

I have been sharing photos on Instagram of my “lotions of the day” with my fellow tanners and posting reviews of how I like each lotion, and have gotten good feedback with that, so I have decided to move my reviews from my Instagram over to my blog.  Also, when I started tanning I noticed that there wasn’t a lot of blogs dedicated to lotion reviews, so maybe I can provide some insight to people looking for honest reviews on products before they buy!

Today I used a sample packet of Provoked by Designer Skin, and JWOWW One and Done warming leg bronzer.  Designer Skin is a well known and trusted “top shelf” line of tanning products that have tons of options to choose from whether you are just beginning or experienced.  They pack so many wonderful skincare ingredients into their lotions while making sure you get that deep bronzed tan.  JWOWW lotions are also very good, which is produced by Australian Gold, another trusted tanning line.

Provoked by Designer Skin and JWOWW One and Done Warming Leg Bronzer

Provoked by Designer Skin

Provoked offers a 15x DHA bronzer with tattoo protection.  If you are not sure what DHA is, they typically include ingredients such as walnut shell extract, fig and henna. DHA bronzers (dihydroxyacetone), is a colorless tanning ingredient. DHA is a sugar-based ingredient that reacts with the skin’s proteins to produce a delayed natural bronze color. All science aside, that means that as the hours go by after your tanning session, the DHA in the lotion you used will continue to darken and deepen your tan.  This is why you don’t want to shower right after your session.  I always go tanning before work in the morning around 7:30 and will shower when I get home around 6 pm.

Scent and ATO

The scent of this lotion is “Wild Rose and Nectarine,” and to me it smelled mostly sweet with a citrus twist.  Oftentimes when using DHA bronzers, throughout the day you will get whiffs of after tan odor (ATO) with certain brands of lotions, and that can sway your decision on committing to a full size bottle or not.  That’s why I always say TRY BEFORE YOU BUY with a sample packet first!  So with this lotion, I do smell some ATO but it’s not overwhelming.

Color and Consistency

The color of the lotion is a very light tan and on the thinner side, and it rubs into the skin easily.  It feels very moisturizing and I like that it dried fairly quickly.  There is nothing worse during and after tanning than having a sticky, wet feeling lotion.

Results and Final Thoughts

Immediately after tanning, I didn’t notice a huge color boost and even some hours later I only noticed a slight deepening of my existing color.  Personally I am not a huge fan of this particular lotion, but it may work well for some.

JWOWW One and Done Warming Leg Bronzer

I have had this bottle in my tanning arsenal for some time now, and only use it occasionally.  The goal of this lotion is to create a warming effect while tanning with high levels of cosmetic DHA bronzers to achieve a darker tan on hard to tan legs.  I bought this because I have trouble getting my legs to stay tan, and also because one of the benefits are “shave minimizers.”

Scent and ATO

Midnight Pear is the official scent of this lotion.  I love the scent, and I could best describe it as a fresh, musk pear smell.  JWOWW has a couple of lotions with this signature scent and there is never any ATO with this lotion.

Color and Consistency

This lotion is a very deep brown and is very thick.  It takes some effort to rub in completely, and you have to take special care in making sure you get it all even or it may cause dark streaking, which we don’t want.  It also dries quickly and is not sticky during or after.

Results and Final Thoughts

I usually get a pretty good color boost after using this, and like that I don’t have any of that orange ugliness going on.  The warming effect is a very subtle feeling, which many have compared to having a warm blanket on your legs, which I think is a very good way of describing it.  It won’t turn you bright fiery tomato red like a traditional tingle bronzer will either, which is great if you have things to do after tanning.  I can’t give a fair opinion on the shave minimizer benefit, as I have never used it consecutively to notice. All in all, for around $18, this is a good product to have in your lotion rotation!

Let me know what you thought of this post, and if you have any suggestions!



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