Review: Black Chocolate Fudge Brownie by Brown Sugar

I have to admit, I bought this because the bottle and the name were cute.  Total impulse buy, but completely worth every penny.

This lotion is a dark 200x black bronzer, which is DHA free and contains only natural bronzers and a “triple truffle chocolate and hemp recipe” which bathes skin in lush nutrients for super moisturized skin helping to reach that deep dark tan we all want.



The official scent is “kiwi coconut blossom” but to me it smells chocolately with hints of amber.  I cannot get enough of this scent, and I find myself smelling my arm throughout the day, it’s that good.  Another thing I love about this lotion is that there is absolutely no pesky after tan odor, only faint reminants of the original heavenly scent.

Color and Consistency

This lotion is packed with silicones, making it a thinner consistency but also meaning that a little goes a long way.  It absorbs into the skin like your favorite moisturizer and leaves no streaking behind.  It is a darker brown lotion, as most Brown Sugar lotions are due to the 200x black bronzing blend.

Black Chocolate Fudge Brownie lotion swatch

Results and Final Thoughts

Amazing color right after tanning session every time.  This lotion never fails me, whether I have hit a plateau or just want a switch, I get deep bronze results.  Brown Sugar isn’t as popular of a brand as Designer Skin or Swedish Beauty, so you may or may not be able to buy this in your salon.  I have a few trusted online salon owners I buy from regularly and this lotion runs around $27 for a 13.5 ounce bottle.

Let me know some of your favorite lotions in the comments!

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