Bring it back! Kardashian Glow tanning lotion

WHY does this always happen? You finally find a product that is like your soulmate and then you go to repurchase it and BAM it's been discontinued!? I hate that word. This is how I feel about the Kardashian Glow Platinum Bronzer. Actually make that ALL the Kardashian Glow tanning lotions!
I love everything about this stuff from the classy bottle design to the sultry Vanilla Lust fragrance and the beautiful golden results I get every single time.
I fell in love with this product maybe a few months before it's demise and I thought "okay so I can always just find it on eBay, they carry everything." Little did I know, its very scarcely found even on eBay and Amazon and you have to get lucky to find a seller who is willing to part with this beloved lotion.
So now here I am hoarding this stuff. Its like I love to use it but then hate the thought of finishing the bottle!

Here's a short review on it if you're wondering what I'm rambling on about

  • Paraben, hemp and gluten free light DHA bronzer with caramel for immediate color that continues to develop into a perfect golden hue.
  • Airbrush Finish Technology softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Caffeine to tone and tighten skin
  • Eco Glam Base (a signature Kdash Glow feature) for producing the color you want
  • Vanilla Lust fragrance that smells like an expensive, elegant perfume that you would expect from the Kardashian sisters

Now I have alot of lotions in my collection, and this one has always been my all time favorite! I am sad to see it being taken off the market, and I don't know the reason why they won't be selling it any longer, but I hope they will consider bringing it back one day! All I can do is hope, right?

Hope you enjoyed this little review/rant and let me know in the comments if you are holding onto your fave discontinued product!

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