Luminary by Designer Skin

This morning I used one of my all time favorite tanning lotions: Luminary 25x Black Label Private Reserve Magical Solar Silicone by Designer Skin.

This beauty boasts a Revolutionary L.ight E.ngaged D.efiance complex that works to combat free radicals and boost skin's overall tone, elasticity and appearance. This lotion is included in Designer Skin's Mystical Collection.

Color and Consistency

As one of Designer Skin's "top shelf" lotions, this is loaded with silicones that make applying a breeze and you don't have to use globs of it to get perfect coverage. Skin is left feeling very moisturized and soft. The color is a light tan with a hint of glitter which they refer to as "Soft Celestial Stardust." The faint glitter is usually seen after tanning in direct sunlight and isn't really bold so you can easily use this and then go out without looking like you took a glittery shower.

Scent and ATO

The official scent is "Sweet Champagne Fizz" and to me it smells like a fresh body wash or light floral perfume. I personally adore this scent! I also appreciate that this doesn't leave you smelling like a sweaty gym sock even hours later!


I always see a noticeable deepening of color after tanning with this lotion! It does contain DHA so the lotion works to continue to deepen and develop hours after your session. I also love seeing the light sparkle in the sun after using.

Like I said before, this lotion is a top shelf lotion and can have a top shelf price. If your salon carries it, I have seen prices at around $120 but it doesn't hurt to shop around from an online salon owner with a good reputation!

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