New Drugstore Items

Popped into Walgreens this morning because I wanted to try a good eyeshadow primer and an anti-aging serum. I am in my early 30s (32 if you’re wondering) and have been reading that it’s important to start using a good anti wrinkle serum early on. I never really paid much attention to the serums before, naively thinking that I wouldn’t have to start using them for many years to come. But I read that its best to prevent wrinkles early instead of waiting until you have them. I read some reviews on No.7 “Early Defence” eye cream and it was more affordable than the Olay Regenerist line so I grabbed it. I paid $20 at Walgreens for it and it feels like a small investment for my skin. I used it this morning, dabbing it on with my beautyblender and noticed that I only had to use a very small amount to cover the area under my eyes and around. It feels very moisturizing and seems like a quality product so far!
Also I bought the L’Oreal “Magic De-Crease” eyelid primer. I applied it to the pointy end of my beautyblender and dabbed it in and it left a soft matte base, which made my eyeshadow application a breeze!

I am happy with my drugstore mini haul!
Which eyeshadow primer and anti aging products do you use or suggest? Let me know in the comments!
Happy Friday!

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