Visionary by Designer Skin

I've been lazy in my tanning routine lately, so I decided to get a session in today. Today I used the new 2017 Visionary by Designer Skin which is an intensifier, and has no cosmetic bronzers or natural bronzers. It's just a white accelerating lotion.

Color and Consistency

Being that this is an intensifier, it is pure white. I like to use an intensifier atleast once a week to take a break from dark bronzing lotions. The consistency is very creamy and easily absorbs into the skin with a very moisturizing feel. I really like the silicone emulsion aspect of this lotion, but a while after my session I noticed some of it balling up on my legs and peeling off. Lotion boogers?

Scent and ATO

The official scent is listed as "White Sands" and its been rumored that 98% of the testing team all agreed that this scent reminded them of the beach. I'm no different, this stuff is a beach trip in a bottle! I get a coconut and ocean smell from this and even hours after tanning, it smells the same as before tanning, no wonky burnt skin odor!


For an intensifier I am always impressed with the color boost I get! I have also been more into natural bronzers and intensifiers lately, because I hate the disappointment of using a super dark bronzing lotions and then seeing all the color wash down the drain after showering!
If I had to give this lotion a star rating, I would give it 4 stars – one star lost for the lotion boogers.

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