VIB Status at Sephora

Officially made VIB status at Sephora Saturday! So yes you can say I have a bit of an addiction shopping there.

Here is my latest Sephora haul

  • BECCA Shimmering Skin Protector Illuminator in “Opal”
  • beautyblender swirl
  • Josie Maran Finishing Balm (freebie)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade in “Dark Brown”
  • beautyblender
  • Sephora Eyelid Primer Powder
  • Supergoop Setting Mist SPF 50 (freebie)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills duo brush #12

Excuse the foundation stained beautyblender! I have a bottle of blender cleanser on the way!
Also, I have solved the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow issue- I was using a color too light for me. Taupe and Soft Brown do not work for me and my soulmate is now Dark Brown…much better!

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