Wet n Wild Contour Sticks and NYX Green Concealer

Drugstore mini makeup haul

I have really began to get into contouring because I love how it gives me a glow and some definition to my face! I have been using the Ulta cream contouring kit since I learned how to properly contour and noticed that I have some issues getting it to go on thin enough for my nose. I recently saw some youtubers using contour sticks and I like how they got a precise application so I grabbed these sticks this morning!
Here is a swatch of how they look against my skin

The shades I got (from lightest to darkest) are:

  • Oak’s On You
  • Call Me Maple
  • Where’s Walnut?

I will be using the darker “Where’s Walnut” for cheekbones, the medium “Call Me Maple” for forehead and lighter “Oak’s On You” for my nose. So far just from doing the swatch test, they seem very pigmented, creamy and blendable.

I also decided to grab a green color correcting concealer because I have some redness issues that nothing seems to help, so hopefully this will banish that issue!

What contouring kit, sticks or powders do you like?

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