Too Faced Peaches and Cream Radiant Matte Bronzer

I had my eye on this ever since seeing spoilers for the Fall collection! Its such a cute design and I couldn’t resist buying it when Sephora offered early access on Monday the 28th!

I received it yesterday and here are my first impressions…

Like I said before, the design is one of the main reasons I wanted this in my collection and also because I love Too Faced! When I first took it out of the box, it had this beautiful gleaming gold in the “pie” stripes, but once I swiped over it once it disappeared.

Above is the shimmer that went away after first swipe.

This bronzer is infused with peach and sweet fig cream and is lightly scented. It has a sweet and fresh smell which I find nice. Nothing overwhelming.

I was really afraid when I was trying to swatch it, because it would not show up on my arm. I don’t know if it’s because I have a little tan going on right now, or what, but I really had to pack it on to see the slightest color on my arm.

This is how it came out:

The bottom bronzy swatch is this. The top pearlescent swatch is L’Oreal Magic Lumi primer (current soulmate primer at the moment…lol)

This made me question if it would show up at all on my face! Thankfully it did, and with a few swipes I was able to build a suitable bronze shade for the day. However I do notice that the pink pigments aren’t very prominent with this bronzer.

Here is the bronzer on my face

I still don’t know if I am 100% in love with this or not. I have much cheaper bronzers that work much better than this for me.

I guess that’s how it goes in the makeup world, some things work so well and others not so much!

The official launch date is today 8/31 at Sephora and this costs $30.

Have any of you tried this yet? I would love to know your experience with it since I can’t find a good review on it yet!

2 thoughts on “Too Faced Peaches and Cream Radiant Matte Bronzer

  1. the packaging and product is cute! that sucks that it didnt work out that well though :/ was so close to buying it too! thanks for the review! hope you can check out some of mine too 🙂


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