Clinique Moisture Surge Empty and Review

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief gel-creme

I am all about Clinique’s moisturizers and cleansers lately! This is a sample I got from a recent Sephora order and it’s actually one of seven packs of this moisturizer to try out for an entire week.

I love how light and cool this feels on my skin, especially around my eyes in the morning. I also like that it is a gel creme so it really soaks into the skin without just laying on top.

I like to apply all of my moisturizers with a damp beautyblender because I feel like the tapping just sort of deposits the product into my skin versus rubbing in with fingers and swiping over the face. Same idea with all primers and foundation.

My skin felt so refreshed and smooth after just one use of this, and I plan on purchasing the full size once I run out of my Dramatically Different also from Clinique!

On Sephora, the largest available is 2.5 ounce jar which retails for $52.50 with the smallest being a 0.5 ounce tube for only $12.

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