BoxyCharm August 2017

I cannot believe I forgot to post my August BoxyCharm! Anyway, here it is!

The “Beach Please” Boxy this month included

  • Pro Eyelash falsies by PÜR
  • The Beauty Crop matte lippy in shade Date Night
  • Three makeup brushes by Moda Pro
  • Rainforest of the Sea Vol II by tarte
  • Black eyeliner pencil by Bella Pierre

This is going to sound a little off to some, but I have never used false eyelashes like ever. I still haven’t even removed them from the box. Maybe I will save them for Halloween?

The tarte eyeshadow palette is what I was looking forward to out of everything else, and I’m kinda liking it….I just wish I would have gotten different shades because these are almost too golden for me and they take a bit of blending and building to really pop.

Here are the swatches:

Believe it or not, these shadows actually go on more pigmented with the tip of my finger rather than a brush. I just don’t like not using a brush for eyeshadows.

It is definitely not my favorite palette, but I will say that the shadows are very buttery and smooth. This is a good “no makeup look” in my opinion.

The Moda Pro brushes are very soft and fluffy and I use them every single day. Honestly I had never heard of this brand until I got the brushes, but they feel very sturdy and are of high quality. I actually use the pointed crease brush (BMX-430)to set my concealer with setting powder under my eyes since the larger brush is harder to get exact placement, and I use the pointed blush brush (BMX-130)for all over setting. The chisel brush (BMX-250) I don’t use as much, since I usually just use my trusty beautyblender for contouring.

I have not yet even opened the Bella Pierre eyeliner pencil, since I have been obsessed with the Sugar eyeliner pencil from this month’s ipsy bag!

With the lipstick, at first swatch I thought it was too bold for me and didn’t use it. Last night though when I was snapping some pics for this post, I tried it on and my friend and daughter said how beautiful it looks on me!

That is me with the tarte eyeshadow palette and the lippy.

What do you think? Perfect for fall? Too dark?

My lips are so thin that I hate really drawing too much attention to them and I feel like I cannot pull of a super dramatic lip.

The lipstick has a really awesome formula because it dries completely matte and is really kissproof. This stuff does NOT budge! This is a plus for me because I vape all day and now I won’t have to worry about touching up!


Here is a breakdown of the total value of the August box:

tarte eyeshadow palette: $36

Moda Pro brush set: $26

PÜR eyelashes: $14

The Beauty Crop #GRLPOWER lippy: $15

BellaPierre gel eyeliner: $15



Overall I really enjoyed the August box! For $21 a month you really can’t beat the value of the products you get! It’s a great gift to yourself if you love trying new things and getting full sized items to build your makeup collection!

You can join by clicking HERE

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