Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection Primer, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Too Faced Born This Way Setting Powder

#SephoraHaul My most recent purchases

So if you haven’t been able to tell yet, I have a bit of an addiction to Sephora. Pair that with my free 2 day flash shipping subscription and I just can’t stop myself from ordering!

Here is the order I received yesterday

And the Too Faced Born This Way setting powder I received Saturday

As I’m sure everyone who loves makeup has heard, Too Faced has launched their new Peaches and Cream collection and the I Want Kandee collection. The Peaches and Cream collection is a Sephora exclusive and Kandee is an Ulta exclusive. Of course, I cannot keep my thoughts away from trying every piece of the Peaches collection. I ordered the matte bronzer the first day of the VIB sneak peek and want to eventually get the whole collection!

Much to my excitement, Sephora offered to send a deluxe sample of the new Primed and Peachy cooling primer free with $25 purchase so of course I was on that! And I am loving it.

This primer is peach scented like everything else in this collection, but it’s not a strong offending stench, more like a light fresh peach essence. It has a cooling aspect which wakes skin up and feels nice and hydrating in the morning. I find that it’s easily absorbed into my skin and makes my face feel soft and radiant. This really creates that perfect primed skin feel in my opinion and my foundation looks awesome as well! This will be my next primer purchase.

The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Medium 1 Custard is what I now consider a staple in my beauty bag. I love that it is a perfect full coverage concealer and doesn’t crease! It is the most expensive concealer I have ever tried but I think it’s worth the $30. I bought the small travel size about a month ago and was hooked!

I also went ahead and picked up the Born This Way setting powder, because I am learning that concealer needs to be “set” to stay put and do it’s job correctly.

I also unsuccessfully attempted “baking” my under eye area, which looks so glam on YouTube but in my case the fine lines under my eyes that I didn’t know existed were loudly pronounced and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

So now instead of packing on my powder to “bake” under my eye area I lightly dust some of the powder over my concealer to set it and it looks so much better. I do the same thing for oily prone areas such as my nose and chin, and since I’ve been doing this I no longer have unwanted shine halfway through the workday. I wish I would have known all these techniques years ago, but am grateful for all the knowledge that skilled makeup artists share with us rookies.

The samples that were included in my order are the Babe Body Soufflé “Punk Rose” and IT Bye Bye Lines Serum. I already have a sample of the IT serum and have been sparingly applying it to my eye area every night since that brutally honest baking incident where I saw my first lines. I have been super paranoid about getting more lines and wrinkles since then and am religiously keeping some sort of serum or eye cream on that area. I really like this serum so far and it only takes a small amount to coat the entire area so I will be getting many uses out of a single packet.

I IT’s anti aging line of products and want to try the Confidence in an Eye Cream and the Secret Sauce.

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