Yellow Concealer has changed my beauty game!

A couple months ago, when I first started really getting into makeup, I had no idea where to even begin with color correcting concealers. I didn’t know whether to put them on thick or thin, blend them in or not or to put them on before or after foundation. Its really a tricky little science we have here!

I have always had dark bluish purple undertones under my eye area, and when I was coming up we didn’t have color correctors! Atleast not that I knew of. It was either pile on the regular concealer or cake on the powder and call it a day. This was in the late 90s/early 2000s so we didn’t have the convenience of watching YouTubers work their glam magic!

I recently watched one of my favorite gurus, Laura Lee do a yellow concealer tutorial and of course I had to try it!

I went cheapo and bought the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal in Yellow and also the Maybelline Color Correction Yellow stick (the old school one that looks like a tube of lipstick) but after trying both out, I prefer the L.A. Girl.

I have been applying this to my undereye area as well as my eyelids after primer and before foundation. I pat it in with my beautyblender and instantly I see a difference in the veiny eyelids and the discoloration of my under eye! I then do my foundation and then use my regular concealer (NARS Radiant Creamy in Custard) to bring everything together and set with Too Faced Born This Way setting powder.

I feel like I look more awake, refreshed and alive as compared to before.

I also ordered the new light yellow concealer from L.A. Girl and I think that this does wonders on fairer complexions, as my lovely summer tan is sadly fading!

As I am starting to feel more comfortable with color correcting, I am definitely going to try out their lavender and green concealers!

At $4.99 a tube on you can easily stock up on these!

What do you like to use for color correcting? Leave me any tips or tricks or just plain old love in the comments😍

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