Belif and Lancer empties with reviews

Happy Monday (sarcasm)

I finished up two of my skincare samples from Sephora and thought I would do a quick review on them.

Actually, it is alot easier reviewing empties a few at a time instead of one big pile, so moving forward thats how I will post.

Lancer The Method Polish

belif The true cream-moisturizing bomb

I recieved the Lancer exfoliating face scrub in August’s Sephora Play box which I should mention was my last box from them. I cancelled mainly because I wanted to subscribe to the Morphe brush box and I hate getting a bunch of perfume samples and hair stuff!

Anyway— I honestly didn’t care for this exfoliator. It smelled like menthol and herbs. Personally I tend to like sugar scrubs such as ones from the Tree Hut and this one had small exfoliating particles instead of the chunkier feel like sugar scrubs do. I will say though, that it served it’s purpose, my skin felt soft, and I used every last bit. But I wouldn’t pay $75 for the full bottle. Some may love the finer grained feel not me.

On a positive note, I really enjoyed the belif moisturizer! This was a deluxe sample I received with an order from old faithful Sephora. I actually got alot of uses out of this little tub since you don’t have to slather it all over your face for it to work. It felt so nice after my shower before bed and I didn’t have any breakouts or adverse reactions to it. It also smells very natural and clean, and is a medium thick consistency which for me is perfection. I would pay $22 for the full bottle, if I didn’t already have a bunch of extras laying around!

Hope y’all like this short little “Empty” review! 😘

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