#MOTD Friday Vibes

I am so glad its finally Friday! It’s been a hell of a week.

Decided to do a subtle fallish look for today using the Naked Heat palette by Urban Decay

I just received my Morphe R39 blending brush and used it to blend in the deeper crease colors.

Also I hate that it looks so good to me in the mirror but when I take a pic its like ok WTF happened!? Does this happen to anyone else? On Instagram the photos of eyeshadow always look so snatched and perfect…and I’m over here like “why can’t mine be like that!?” 😂

I used the following colors:

Sauced for transition

En Fuego outer corner and in crease

Ashes to deepen crease

Dirty Talk center of lid

Ounce for brow bone and inner lid

For the record, my eyebrows don’t look like this when I am in front of the mirror—only when I take a picture for some reason. Thanks for the brutal honesty, camera! 😒

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