NARS Primer and First Aid Beauty Empties and Review

Got some more empties to review!

I am steadily working my way through some Sephora samples and ipsy items and reviewing them as I go is a lot easier to do, for me anyway.

First Aid Beauty “Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay” came in August’s ipsy glam bag. For being such a small tube, I got many uses out of this. I liked the herbal menthol scent it has and the way it suds up. It left my face feeling refreshed and squeaky clean. This cleanser is also safe for sensitive skin!

NARS “Smooth and Protect SPF 50 Primer” was added in with a recent Sephora order. I used this primer this morning, and I am kinda letdown by it. I love NARS and expected this to be just as luxurious as their other stuff, but this was very greasy feeling and left my skin feeling oily and kinda nasty. It also smells like sunscreen which I get, but eww the greasy formula I can’t get past.

Pricing Are they worth it?

First Aid Beauty full size: $24 ✅

NARS Primer full size: $36 ❎

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