Got some more empty items to review!

Olay Tone Perfecting Cream was a sample I received from an Ulta order. It smells wonderful and felt nice on my skin but I can’t attest to noticing any tone perfecting benefits since I only was able to use it this once, but I like how it felt on my face! Maybe would like to try this soon!

Simple Dual Effect Eye Makeup Remover- I bought this because I have been using alot of waterproof mascara, and everyone knows what a pain it is to try and remove. I don’t care for this stuff because it took FOREVER to remove my mascara! I am having better luck with Garnier Micellar Water that removes waterproof makeup!

Briogeo Deep Conditioning Mask was an item I received in September’s BoxyCharm and I originally didn’t care to use it or review it, but since I used it up its only fair to let you know how I liked it! It really didn’t have a scent I can pinpoint, and it actually felt very conditioning on my hair since my hair is color treated and gets brittle. I left it on each time (I got 2 uses out of the tube) and my hair felt softer and more manageable than before.

Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara despite some of the negative reviews on this mascara, I loved it! This came in my first Sephora Play box and since it was a deluxe sample, the wand was very short but it worked well. It made my lashes full and thick which is what I look for in mascara. Would definitely buy this if I weren’t already using Lash Paradise!

Vitabath Coconut Noir Body Wash bought this from Ulta a while back. I used to use and LOVE their Dreamy Pink Frosting body wash but it looks like they discontinued it! I hate when all the good stuff gets discontinued. I love the Coconut Noir fragrance though and as always it suds up and cleans beautifully.

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