Weekend Grabs

Ugh it’s already Monday again!

Friday afternoon, I ditched my glasses and got contacts!  Little did I know, I cannot use my favorite black eyeliner for my bottom waterline–because Saturday I used it, and I guess some of it traveled into my contact and it felt horrible!  Never again- all I’m doing now is wearing some mascara on the lower lashes to have something there.  Has anyone tried the Makeup Forever Aqua XL liner with contacts?  I was reading reviews on Sephora and saw many contact wearers find this liner does better.

Anyway, this weekend I received my Morphe 35F Fall into Frost palette, which is my first Morphe eyeshadow palette ever.  I see so many raves about their makeup on social media that I had to get in the know.  So far I really like it and the colors are pigmented and easily blended with minimal effort.  I already have fallen in love with their brushes so this most likely won’t be my last makeup order from them…haha.

I also picked up some Lavender color correcting concealer from Walmart last night by Wet n’Wild- its the Mega Cushion one.  I have some pesky yellowness on my temples and around my mouth and the lavender really does help.  I’ve been all about some color correcting concealers lately ever since getting my hands on the yellow L.A. Girl concealer for dark under eye circles!


Wet n’ Wild has come a long way in the past few years because I remember as a teenager, their stuff was kinda crappy and dirt cheap.  Now I love their makeup!

So, there’s this thing that I cannot quit thinking about buying….the Too Faced Gingerbread Melted Matte lipstick!  I think the packaging is adorable and the color is very fall/winter worthy.  I wish it were cheaper than $21 though!  Maybe I will order?


How cute, right!?

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