Empties with Reviews

Good morning! I have neglected my bloggie the past couple of days because work has been hectic!

I have some finished products:

  • Miss Dior perfume sample
  • Milk Makeup Blur Foundation sample
  • Manefit Lily Sheet Mask
  • Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask
  • L’Oréal Infallible Foundation

Miss Dior Perfume Sample

I got this sample with a Sephora order a while back. Since I order from them alot I get bunches of perfume samples. They have been piling up and I am making myself use them! I really enjoyed this fragrance, it smells flirty and elegant at the same time with a kick of classy. The only thing with me and perfumes is that I feel like the scent doesn’t last that long. Not long enough to fork out $70-100 for, anyway.

The notes of this fragrance are: blood orange essence; neroli essence; rose essence; Indonesian Amber Patchouli essence.

Style: Elegant, Exuberant and Romantic.


Milk Makeup Blur Foundation

Excuse the mess. Another sample from Sephora! I have been watching the Milk Blur Matte foundation since it was launched a few months ago, so I tore into this pretty quickly. The shades that were sent to me were Golden Light, Golden Sand, and Golden Deep.

As you can see, I used every smidgen of the lighter shade and used a couple touches of the two darker ones for contouring.

The Golden Light shade was a pretty good match for my skin, as it is described as “light with yellow undertones.” It applied and blended in very easily, and also gave a full coverage—which is what I look for when foundation shopping. I also like that it did dry down matte and left no oily or shiny look.

The Golden Deep shade was used for contouring and even though it was darker than my normal contour color, it gave excellent sculpted results!

All of these sample shades are described as having a yellow or golden undertone. I am still trying to figure out what my exact undertones are, and I have narrowed myself down to being either neutral or warm…Sephora here I come to get that Color IQ!

The full size tube sells for $40 at Sephora and I think its worth it!

L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover Foundation

This has been my “holy grail” foundation for a couple of months now. I even bought a backup for when this one ran out! I love how well this covers every imperfection and balances my complexion out. I have some hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks and this masks it!

I use shade 306 Buff Beige.

The actual foundation is in a squeeze tube, and comes out almost whipped like. This is good for applying because it doesn’t pour all over everything. I used to swear by Cover Girl’s Clean liquid foundation (yes the one that smells heavily of Noxzema) and it would sometimes spill out or I would pour too much and have yuck face…but this stuff is very easily controlled!

It claims to be up to 24 hour wear time, and even though I have never worn it that long, it does hold up all day and into the night and still looks great! It even does well in extreme heat and humidity. I like that it doesn’t cake and look patchy after a few hours. This has to be one of the top drugstore foundations, and its affordable at $12.99 at Ulta or drugstores.

Manefit Lily Whitening+Brightening Sheet Mask

This came with September’s ipsy bag. I will admit, when I got this I wasn’t really intrigued with sheet masks like I am today. It took me a while to actually use this, but I’m glad I did because now I can’t get enough! There are always so many sheet masks in the drugstores when I go and I always wondered what the fuss was.

This mask was soaked in essence and of course was freezing cold when I put it on. But at the same time it felt pretty amazing on my skin, even though I closely resembled Michael Myers from Halloween.

All jokes aside though, after using this my skin felt so refreshed and happy that I did something good for it! I didn’t notice any “whitening or brightening,” nor do I want to get any paler, but hydration I did feel.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask

Told ya—I am getting into the sheet mask craze!

This mask is the Soothing variation of the Moisture Bomb masks from Garnier Skin Active. It contains chamomile and hyaluronic acid for fresher, softer skin. I really liked this mask, even more so than the Manefit ones. It was still ice cold and sopping wet, but afterwards OMG I have never had my face feel so moisturized and heavenly smooth!!! The remaining essence after being rubbed in left a kind of tacky feel, so I used some moisturizer and slept like a baby with my baby soft skin!

I have another Garnier mask at home that I am going to use this weekend and I can’t wait! I have reserved Sunday nights for mask night…lol.

I picked these up from Walmart for $2.50 each.

Hope you enjoyed this long post!

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