Facetory October 2017

Doing alot of catch up posting today!

If you have been reading my blog and follow me on Instagram, then you know how into monthly subscription boxes I am! It is such a convenient way to sample products or keep up with trends!

Lately I have been routinely pampering myself with sheet masks every Sunday night before bed…I know sounds odd but I chose Sunday night to give my skin a break and take care of it from wearing a full face of makeup everyday during the work week. Thankfully I heard about Facetory a monthly subscription filled with Korean beauty sheet masks! They offer two different monthly plans, either the Four Ever Fresh which includes 4 masks for $5.95; or the Seven Lux which includes 7 higher functioning masks for $15.95 a month.

Since I only use one mask a week, I chose the Four Ever Fresh plan. This is my first delivery:

October’s theme fell into place with the Pink awareness and included:

  • D’Mask Rose Water Revital Mask
  • PACKage Sweet Dream Deep Sleeping Mask
  • Beyond Intensive Ampoule Collagen
  • Epona Jeju Marine Plants Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask

I used a promo code which scored me these 3 bonus masks:


I am really excited to start using these and share reviews on how each did!

If you want to join, Click Here!  At a total cost of $8.90 per month, to me it’s way cheaper than buying them all individually!

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