#MorpheMe November 2017

I have been catching up on my blog posts lately, if you couldn’t tell yesterday!  Sometimes I get so many ideas on what to post, draft it and forget about it. Hashtag Blogger struggles!

Today I am showing off my #MorpheMe November bag from LiveGlam.


This month’s theme is “Friends Giving” and 3 brushes were sent out.

  • E41- Round Deluxe Powder:   “Use this jumbo powder brush to mattify your face, blend contour, or buff powder foundation for a flawless finish.”  This brush is HUGE and so soft and fluffy!  I use it for applying loose setting powder and one good swipe is all I need on each side of my face to get the job done!  Really impressed with this one!  Sells for: $23
  • E28- Round Blender:  “This fluffy blending brush is great for defining your eyes, applying highlight, or nose contouring!”  I use this for diffusing eyeshadow from the crease upward to really blend and transition colors.  Sells for: $7
  • E19- Pointed Lip:  “Use this pointed lip brush to get a crisp lipline, to clean up or spot conceal, or to highlight!”  I have used this a couple times to add a glimmer of highlight to my eye’s inner corners and I like that its stiff and very precise.  Sells for: $5


Total value of November’s box:  $35

As always, this month’s brushes were a welcome addition to my ever growing collection!  I also love that each month you earn points to use for rewards like full size Morphe eyeshadow palettes, more brushes, and other sweet makeup stuff!

This box costs $19.99 per month and if you want to join, you will get a bonus free brush so CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

Addicted to makeup brushes? Join the club #MorpheMe! Get $30+ in new Morphe makeup brushes sent to your door each for $19.99 by @LiveGlam.co. Plus get free shipping to US. Each month is a surprise and includes 3-8 powder, foundation, contour, eyeshadow and liner brushes. Cancel anytime, skip payments and trade months you don’t want for other goodies. It’s that simple! PLUS use my link to get a free brush upon checkout!

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  1. Hey, beautiful I really enjoyed your blog post I was engaged from the beginning to the end really informative..just given your blog a follow looking forward to more

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