Empty Review: NYX Brush Cleaner

Tomorrow is already Thanksgiving- and I can’t believe how fast time is going lately!  I thought I would post a review on a product I recently finished.

Today I have Brush Cleaner by NYX.

I picked this up at Ulta while on vacation out of town.  I had been using the spray brush cleaner previously, but sometimes those just don’t cut it.  I am always using different eyeshadow colors and textures, and cream contours which the spray brush cleaners don’t touch!  I needed a good liquid cleanser. After buying this, I was reading reviews and they were really mixed.  Some people hated it, some loved it: I love it.

I had a positive experience with this!  I use a brush scrub pad, also by NYX and coat my wet brush with this cleanser and then swirl it around on the scrub pad.  Then I rinse it off with warm water and each brush always came out sparkling clean!  My white tipped brushes looked brand new after using this soap on them.  It even removed foundation from my foundation brush, which can be a task all on its own.  It has sort of a fresh scent to it, but it is not anywhere near overpowering or chemical like.

When I ran out of this, I went to my local Ulta but I couldn’t find it there!  I ended up purchasing the Eco Tools liquid brush cleaner, and while I like it, it’s not as good as this NYX one.  I guess I will just have to buy it again online or the store out of town the next time I go.


I got this for $14.99 and to me, it was worth every penny!  As far as the negative reviews, I feel like the trick is to use a brush scrubbing pad to really whisk away stubborn cream or oil based product.  Even though I love the convenience of the quick drying cleansing sprays like IT Cosmetics Brush Bath, sometimes a good liquid scrub down is required.

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving and finds some lucky Black Friday steals!

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