Empties&Reviews: D•Mask, no:hj, Sephora, tarte

What a hectic week this has been with traveling out of town to visit family and Black Friday crowds! We got home yesterday and I felt like I needed to use a sheet mask to rejuvenate my skin some!

I have accumulated yet another pile of empties to review and share.

Today I have:

  • D•Mask Rose Water Revital Mask
  • no:hj Healing Mask Pack
  • Sephora Instant Moisture Cream
  • tarte Drink of H2O

D•Mask Rose Water

I used this last night as I was in need of a “revitalizing” pamper session. This had a faint rosy scent and was drenched in essence. I really love how this one fit on my face- it wasn’t big and baggy and it laid completely flat and perfect on each contour of my face. I love the fit. You couldn’t really even tell I was wearing a sheet mask only around the eyes there was the usual gap. After removal, my skin felt very moisturized and healthy! I give this mask a big thumbs up! I received this in my October Facetory box.

The description indicates that this contains “82% of high enriched moisture enhancing rose water and evening primrose extract with adenosine to revitalize and support skin elasticity”

no:hj Healing Mask

This is the first sheet mask I’ve used that contains gold flecks on it. I noticed them on the actual mask itself but they never transferred to my skin. The mask fit very well and stuck to my skin comfortably with no bunching or slipping out of place. I didn’t notice a huge difference after using this, and unfortunately the very next morning I woke up with a huge painful pimple on my jawline! Also, the instructions on the package are not in English so good thing I was able to look this up on the Facetory site!

Sephora Instant Moisture + Cream

This deluxe sample came in last month’s Sephora Play box. It actually lasted me quite a while even using it every night! It’s a very rich moisturizer and has sort of a perfume scent that does kinda linger for a while. This contains Hyaluronic Acid boosters to help maintain the skin’s natural moisture while helping to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. And I need all the anti-aging creams and benefits I can get because I am in my early 30s so I am trying to prevent! I feel like it does a good job at moisturizing, but it isn’t my favorite out there.

Tarte Drink of H2O

This little sample I nabbed for 100 VIB points at Sephora. It came in a cute little tub and is a vegan gel formula. I love how it felt on my face and even gave a cooling feeling. The only thing that sucked about it was the weird feeling it left on my hands after applying! Other than that I really loved it.

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