tarte Park Ave Princess Contour Palette

As soon as I saw this beauty at Ulta a few weeks ago, I fell head over heels for it and HAD to have it in my collection!  This is my first powder contouring palette, as I usually use the KVD Shade and Light Cream Contour kit.


The packaging is so glam that I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I caved and bought it.

I love how the powders are silky, and almost creamy.  If there is one thing I hate about contouring, it would be products that look “muddy” and “dirty” on the face or move your foundation around and then disappear or just look horribly unblended.

The darker shades are very extremely pigmented so use a light hand when applying!  I got a beautiful contour using this, and I think that beginners would love this.  It’s so easy to just sculpt your face and go.

Contouring is no joke.  I have been practicing and trying to master it fully but still learn more everyday.  I wish this would have been around when I first started doing it, because it would have made things a lot more smoother.

If you are on the fence or just starting to contour, then I highly suggest this palette for you!  I also think that since you only need a little bit of product that this will last for quite a while and thank goodness because it was $46!


Again, I am head over heels for this baby!  And no that’s not a ghost behind me—that would be my photobombing lover daughter 🙂

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