Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions

Recently grabbed one of the new Huda Beauty mini palettes!  It was hard for me to decide between this one and the Mauve Obsessions palette, but ended up getting this one since I didn’t have any fierce reds in my collection yet.


The palette is so tiny and cute, but contains 9 shadow pans which are very nicely pigmented.

All of the shadows were easy to work with, had minimal fallout and looked great on me!  I do have one complaint though- and that is the red shade on the top right corner.  It looks like a very vibrant red, but on me it almost looks magenta!  I don’t understand that at all, but the other colors make up for it.  I love how bold the gold shimmer is and well it applies.

This is my very first experience with a Huda Beauty product, and yes I know I’m late to the game, but overall I really like this mini palette.  Being so compact, it really makes it easy to take it on the go and the packaging feels pretty durable to me.  I’m always worried about dropping one of my palettes and have the precious shadows explode.

The picture above was a result of me just playing around with the colors to see how well they blended and looked like.  Notice how vivid the gold is!  I have been finding it a lot easier to apply shadows like this with the tip of my finger rather than using a brush.

This palette, like the other three in the collection sell for $27 at Sephora, and I think that’s a fair price.  I didn’t have to use a ton of product to get results!

Still working on my cut crease abilities!

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