Elvive By L’Oreal VoxBox

I have been working diligently everyday trying to boost my impact score and level up with badges on Influenster.  It’s currently my goal to be high on the “Beauty Junkie” badge so that I can get makeup or skincare, even hair care VoxBoxes.

I was so excited to be notified that I was in the L’Oreal Elvive Campaign!  While it’s not makeup, I think its heading in the right direction!  Better than getting household cleaning items and food, at least.

This is my third physical Vox Box, and so far I have used the hair mask once.  My hair felt like completely changed after using it, it’s crazy!  It was almost like I had gone back in time and had that soft baby hair feel going on.  I layered it on my hair kinda thick, as I always do with pretty much everything, after shampooing and left it on for around 5 minutes.  It is nice and thick feeling, which I really love because it feels like it’s heavy duty and will do it’s job.  It also has a very nice clean fragrance, like other L’Oreal shampoos and conditioners.  After rinsing out and admiring how nice and soft my hair felt, I also noticed that I had significantly less tangles than usual.

Now, I’m no hair junkie or expert.  My daily “style” consists of a jumbo size Hot Bun donut which I wear tightly pulled back all day, everyday.  Sure it’s a granny look, but it works for me.  I hate having my hair down because I feel like it gets in the way, but I’m not about to chop it all off either!   But I know one thing for sure and that is I will be having a jar of this hair mask in my shower from now on!

I am a little nervous about completing this badge, because on of the tasks is that I do a VIDEO review—- I have NEVER done a video review of anything!  Wish me luck and don’t laugh 🙂

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review *

3 thoughts on “Elvive By L’Oreal VoxBox

  1. I wish Influenster VoxBox’s offered more of a variety of ways to complete badges for these. For example, I got this VoxBox too, and the only way I can get enough points to complete the badge is to do a video review. I’ve done a written review on my blog (which doesn’t seem to offer any points that I see), but I really do not feel comfortable doing a video review. I posted a video on YouTube a long time ago, and people started making rude comments about my appearance (saying I had big teeth and stuff), so ever since then I’ve been hesitant to post videos of myself online.

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