Physician’s Formula Butter Highlighter!

After months of trying to get my greedy hands on this baby, I finally found it!

I found it at Ulta, hidden away behind the other Physician’s Formula items!  I picked up the Pink shade because I have a ton of other golds and silvers (BECCA)

I don’t get why this stuff isn’t advertised more.  It’s freaking awesome!


This is unlike any highlighter I have tried.  It has the consistency similar to ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadows- really creamy and bouncy.  It applies like a dream, and is well pigmented!  A swipe ( or 2 ) on your favorite highlighting brush gives you a gorgeous shimmer and glow!

It also has a kind of beachy scent to it.  Nothing too overpowering though.  I have heard that it smells like the Butter Bronzer, which I haven’t yet tried.


I am very pleased with this!  I can’t say I have the best experience with Physician’s Formula, because a couple of the eyeshadows I tried from them were a bust, but this highlighter cannot be passed up!


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