Makeup Vanity Update!

Hope everyone had a great New Year! I did some shopping, some much needed organizing and cleaning and also picked some vanity items!

Here’s a couple shots of what I’m working with

So far I’ve added the mirror that I got from Home Goods for $29.99, which is actually meant to be uses as a decorative mirror but I really liked the design of it. I used Command strips to stick it to the part that folds open and closed.

I picked up the chair from Target for $99 which is on the expensive side, but I love the upholstery on the backing. And the dark gray color goes really well with the color of my mirror! I originally wanted this really cute pink and gold bench or one of those furry stools, but they sat too low and I’m not exactly a tall person so that wasn’t working.

I also ordered some LED lights to go around my mirror since my place has horrible lighting. I found them for $12.99 on eBay (with free shipping) and they are attached to a 1number 10ft string with 20 lights. I like that they already had adhesive on the back so all I had to do was peel and stick. I admit that I misjudged the placement of them though, because as you can see on the left side I ended up with a double row. But it works for now because the left side is the same side I had no lighting before.

This is a fun project and I’m not done yet!

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