My first attempt at the Halo Eye

Good morning my loves! Hope you all had a good weekend! Wednesday we were covered in snow, and it’s been freezing here since so I haven’t left the house much with school being closed and the roads being iced over. I got bored Saturday and decided to do something a little different than my usual look….the halo eye look. I used my Winky Lux Kitten Palette that I got a couple months ago in BoxyCharm.

I think it came out pretty good!

There’s a paint by numbers I made to show the colors I used and in what order.

I started out by priming with Laura Mercier Eye Primer in Wheat, then used a setting powder to set it.

Next, I swiped shade 1 in the crease until it was buffed out. Then I used my finger to pack on shade 2 onto my lid and used a blending brush to darken it along the crease.

I used NYX HD Concealer in Medium to blank out the section mid lid for the shimmer.

I used a small flat concealer brush sprayed with MAC Fix+ with shade 3 and pressed into that area with concealer mid lid. The Fix+ spray gave it a foiled look and intensified the color!

I used shade 4, the lightest shade of the palette for my brow bone and to fix any mistakes or harsh lines.

I also used shade 2 on my lower lash line with a straight edge brush to finish the look.

Overall, I think it looked awesome! I felt weird not wearing my black winged liner though! And I’ve never liked the way eyeshadow looked on my lower lash line, but this was really good in my opinion!

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