Review: G9skin Milk Bomb Mask


 This sheet mask smells delicious like fresh strawberry milk and will leave your skin soft and supple with its thick, milky essence. The microfiber sheet will seamlessly stick onto your skin for added absorption, giving your skin the extra moisture it needs. This mask includes ingredients like milk protein extract, strawberry extract, and grapefruit extract, to make your overall skin tone brighter, shinier, and most definitely, healthier!


This mask was included in my December Facetory box. I know I’m late to the game, and just now starting to work on December’s products because I had such a product build up!

I grabbed this one to use first because it looked delicious lol. It had a faint creamy strawberry milk scent, but wasn’t what I was expecting. It wasn’t bad though.

This had that thick creamy essence that I’ve come to love more so than the clear gels.

The mask fit well on my face and was easy to apply.  I love how this mask felt on my face, it was soothing and relaxing, this was definitely one of my favorites so far!

I left it on for 15 minutes, and when I removed it I patted in the excess essence and it completely absorbed into my skin, did not leave a sticky filmy residue like some others I’ve tried.  My skin felt so soft and healthy and the next morning, I looked well rested and blemish free!

I’m trying to get better at posting these reviews as I use the masks, lately has been kinda hectic so I’ve been slacking!  If you like these reviews, let me know!


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