How I Do A Cut Crease (Tutorial)

Something that I’ve struggled with since getting into makeup is the cut crease, and I see alot of people struggling with it too.

After watching countless YouTube videos and even trying some Pinterest ideas, I still couldn’t get it right. I realized that what works for others sometimes doesn’t work for all, so I just started doing it my own way and I thought I would share it on my blog.

Prepping and Priming:

After doing my eyebrows, I always begin by prepping my eyes with MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in the shade “Soft Ochre.” Any lid primer will work, it all depends on your preference.

I really love using the MAC because the yellow undertones help cancel out any darkness on your lid.

Next I will apply the lightest shade of whatever palette I’m using to “set” the primer, but only in the crease and browbone area. I only set that area because I know that I’m going to be adding concealer on my lid later to carve out the crease look. And it works better this way!

Defining the crease:

I start off by adding a lighter shade above the crease to use as a “transition” shade, then use a darker shade to define the crease. I don’t usually worry too much about making sure it’s perfect just yet, because I know I’m going to be using concealer to perfect the line later on.

Carving out the crease:

This is the step that takes some practice to get right. I like to use a flat definer brush and dip into the concealer and then start at the inner corner of my eye to blank that area out below the crease. It’s important to try and follow the natural shape of your eye socket. You can also get creative and wing it out a little like I did in the photo above.

The pink flat brush on the bottom is the one I use for carving.

Once the carved out area looks decent, I will blend in the concealer down to the lid and smooth out any spots left over.

The lid:

I like to use a lighter color than the darker one I used above the crease so that you get that contrast of a sharply cut crease. I will usually use a nice shimmer shadow for the lid.

I also don’t “set” the concealer with powder on my lid mainly because I find that the shimmer doesn’t appear as bold, but if you are looking to use a matte shade on the lid, I would say to go ahead and set with powder first.

I like to apply the shimmery shadows with the tip of my finger, because I think that they apply better that way. Or if I’m looking to do more precise placement, a flat shading brush dampened with a setting spray like MAC Fix+ is perfect.

I also don’t use tape on the outer corner, because I usually have already done my foundation and the tape pulls it off! Instead I use concealer and draw a line from my outer lash to create that sharp defined cut which looks like I actually used tape there!

Final Result:

I’ve played around with so many different ways of nailing the famous cut crease look, from spoons to stencils, but this way is my go to technique!

For this being my first “tutorial” I used the following products:

I hope this helps anyone having issues with perfecting it and if I can answer any questions, leave me a comment below!


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