ABH Subculture Dupe! *Retro Love by Bad Habit Beauty*

I just realized that I never posted on the Retro Love palette from Bad Habit Beauty that I ordered a month or two ago from the Shop Hush app.

I grabbed it because it was a dead ringer for the Subculture palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, and the colors in the palette I wasn’t sure how they would look on me so naturally I didn’t want to spend $42 on the ABH and hate it.  This palette was only $10, which is more comfortable LOL.


And because my camera sucks… here’s a much better pic


When I first saw the Subculture palette launch, I was still not really deviating from my comfort zone of eyeshadow colors.  I was still trying to get the hang of using red shadows, so I really didn’t care to use any yellow or greens!

But of course as I got more comfortable with using different shades, I saw this palette on the Shop Hush app and decided to go ahead and give it a try since it was just $10.

I actually love it a lot more than I initially thought I would!  The colors all go together and look really good with my brown eyes, and I think that they would look good on a variety of skin tones and eye colors!

These swatches were done without primer. I love how silky and smooth they are, and they are so easy to blend! Of course they are very pigmented and I get very little fallout. And Bad Habit Beauty is Cruelty Free!

I have really started loving this brand because they offer the same quality of pricey high end brands for much much cheaper and you don’t feel so guilty buying up all sorts of palettes!😂

I also should add that the packaging is also very nice. It comes in the same layout that the ABH palettes are in, and it is a very sleek design that makes it easy to carry with you. Unlike the ABH palette though, there is not a brush included. But for $10 I can’t really complain!

Here are a couple looks I’ve done so far with Retro Love.



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