Dupe Alert! Kylie Purple Palette

“Vice” by Face Candy

I recently ordered the Vice palette by Face Candy on the Shop Hush app, and didn’t know it was the dupe for the Kylie Purple palette.  I bought it because I needed a nice purple palette to add to my collection.  Being that I know that the brands on Hush usually do dupes for higher end brands, so I started looking to see which palette the Vice was a dupe for.

I was looking on Kylie Cosmetics at the new Blue Honey palette, and came across the Purple palette and saw it was pretty much the same as what I had bought!


Big similarities here!  The Kylie one sells for $42, and I picked up the Vice for $12 on Shop Hush app.


I have to say, this is my first time ever trying anything from Face Candy.  I only really have experience with the Bad Habit Beauty line of products, and I think they spoiled me because their shadows are so silky and blendable.  These shadows, while they are beautiful, are on the chalky side in my opinion.  I don’t know, maybe I need to give it more time.  I’ll post an update and a look that I create with this palette soon!


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