Review: Face Candy “Vice” Palette

The other day, I received my Shop Hush order where I had bought the Face Candy Vice palette.  I also did a post on it, when I found out that it was the dupe for the Kylie Cosmetics Purple Palette.  I initially thought it was on the chalkier side, but after giving it a full run I now love it!

I did a full look using this palette Saturday, and I must say that it really kicks ass in the blendable and pigmented department!

For this look, I used shades “Hit It” for the transition;  “Purple Palms” for the crease; “Get Down” for deepening the crease and outer v; “The Keys” for the lid, damp with setting spray to enhance the shimmer.

I had absolutely no issues with fall out, chalkiness or lack of pigmentation while using this.  I can’t wait to do more looks with this and I feel like it was $12 WELL SPENT!  The only tiny issue with this  palette is that it doesn’t contain a nude shade for the brow bone area, but if you can live without that- get it!

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