Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter-Rose Gold

Am I on a Physicians Formula kick lately? And no, this post is not sponsored lol (I wish)

I had to have it. I already have the Pink Butter Highlighter, and I love it so much that I couldn’t resist getting another shade when I saw that they were *finally* available at CVS!  I decided to get the Rose Gold one because I didn’t have a highlighter quite like this shade in my collection.


These highlighters are just too silky and smell so good to pass up!  I love the coconut scent, it reminds me of the beach.  The creamy and buttery formula just glides on to the skin effortlessly!


This one looks so good on, even though I was worried a little that it would be too bronze looking for my light skintone.  You can use this as light as you want for a subtle glow, or build it up for a blinding effect!  I have been getting bold lately with highlighting and crave the blinding look.

First swatch was taken with flash, the second without flash.

I’m glad that these are finally in drugstores because when they first launched, I went on a literal manhunt trying to find them, it was ridiculous!   I really hope Physicians Formula doesn’t ever stop making these and maybe comes out with some more daring colors like lavender or icy blue!

Have you guys gotten your hands on any of these yet?  Let me know your blog link in the comments below and I will go check out your experience!




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