Bye Bye Pores Powder by IT Cosmetics

Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish Airbrush Loose Powder

Instantly erase the appearance of imperfections with Bye Bye Pores™, your airbrushed perfection in a jar! Developed with plastic surgeons and infused with Bye Bye Pores Optical Blurring Technology™, this anti-aging, skin-perfecting powder utilizes real silk to make your pores disappear from view, and hydrolyzed collagen to smooth away the look of wrinkles. Loads of antioxidants, peptides and skin-loving ingredients give you a shine-free, airbrushed finish. Plus, the universal translucent shade goes on completely clear and works on all skin tones!

It’s taken me some time to come up with a good in detail review on this powder, because it took some practice to get this stuff to work right.  I have had this jar for a couple of weeks now, since I ordered it from Beautylish.


I bought this because I am really starting to be more aware of the makeup products I use, and I love IT Cosmetics because of all of the anti-aging benefits they offer in their makeup.  I also needed something to help with the oiliness and pores on my nose!

My first impressions of this powder were not good.  It comes in a really tiny jar, and I paid $24, so naturally I was like “WTF?” when I got it.  Unsuccessfully, I tried applying it all over my face in place of my usual setting powder, which I later learned wouldn’t work.  I also tried applying it with my usual powder brush, which was also a mistake. It came with a small powder puff, but that thing was a joke, and I ended up losing it somehow.

Perplexed with this stuff, I had to switch things up.  The best way I found to apply it is to use a damp beautyblender and only use a very small amount.  I have to just dab it in instead of dusting and blending like with normal powders, otherwise you are left with cake face.  I’ve seen reviews with people saying its not flash photo friendly and too white- which I haven’t had a problem with since using the beautyblender.  I think the sponge helps push it into your pores better than a brush.

Another good thing to take note of, and maybe this is why the product is so small- is to only use it where you need it.  I have the most problems on and around my nose, so I only put the powder there.  I do not recommend this powder for people with dry skin.  I feel like it would just enhance dry patches and be a mess.

While some people have had their pores completely vanish while using this, I must say that it does significantly reduce their appearance but they don’t vanish completely.  I also noticed a huge help in oil control!  No matter what primer or foundation I used before I would always get a little bit of oily shine on one side of my nose mid-day,  but now it just stays matte.

So with that being said, after learning to apply it correctly I am very happy with this powder and will repurchase it!  I think this little jar will probably last many months, if I don’t spill it or anything!  They also offer this in pressed powder form, which I would also love to try!








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