March 2018 Facetory Four-Ever-Fresh

This month’s theme is “Let’s Get Lucky” for the March Facetory subscription box.


Literally every mask is green this month in tune with a St. Patrick’s Day theme!

  • Cereal Pore Mask Pack by Proud Mary 
    • This mask aims to tighten pores and fill the skin with nourishment
  • Daily Fresh Garden Mask Sheet Bamboo Water by Skin Planet
    • Freshens skin with bamboo water to purify and moisturize
  • Dual Balancing Brightening Mask by Equportee
    • Lemon and Kiwi work to leave the skin looking brighter and more balanced
  • Herb Garden Tea Tree Mask by Eco Beyond
    • Tea tree herbs work to soothe and calm the skin

This month’s box has a value of $11.50, but only cost $8.90 total which is so much cheaper than buying each mask individually at the store!  I love getting this box every month, and since I only use 1 mask a week the box lasts me all month!  But if you use alot of masks, I recommend the Seven Lux program where you get 7 higher functioning masks per month for around $16!

I’ve recently become part of the affiliate program, so if you would like to subscribe, Click Here to Join!

Thanks for checking this post out!


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