GLAMGLOW Supercleanse

Empty & Review of GLAMGLOW Supercleanse Clearing Cream-To-Foam Cleanser


Time for yet another review of a product I recently finished up!  I got this deluxe sample in my January Sephora Play box.  I was really excited to get to try this because I’ve seen GLAMGLOW all over Instagram and YouTube, but I always like to try before I buy, especially with how expensive their products are.

Here is the full description of this cleanser, from the Sephora website

An advanced cleanser with a powerful blend of three charcoals to detoxify skin by removing pore-clogging debris, excess oil, and face makeup

Formulated with powerful actives for super-clean, glowing skin, this must-have creamy cleanser transforms into a luxurious foam to blast away impurities and remove pore-clogging debris. The pore refining triple charcoal complex contains three charcoals—coconut, ubame white oak, and gray bamboo—to detox skin, while botanical ingredients like TEAOXI® eucalyptus leaf, licorice root, and cumin seed purify. Skin-refining, powerful AHAs support natural cell turnover and renewal, while K17 and Mediterranean clays absorb oils to mattify skin and restore balance to your complexion. Skin is visibly improved after each cleanse, with a diminished appearance of pores and a refined texture and tone. 

This was unlike any cleanser I have ever tried before.  It came out of the tube a dark charcoal colored cream, then foamed up amazingly!  It felt so invigorating due to the eucalyptus / minty fresh scent, and felt really deep cleaning, with a cooling sensation.  I had no issues with my skin feeling tight or dried out after using it either, just soft and clean!  I loved to use this first thing in the morning for a good pick me up.  So very refreshing!

Of course I didn’t use it long enough to really take note of any of the cell renewal or anything, but my skin did feel extremely clean and oil free.   I also didn’t have any zits or blemishes appear while using this, but while I don’t have extremely sensitive skin, some products tend to break me out.

The full 5oz tube of this is $32, and I enjoyed enough that I would splurge on this, if I didn’t already have a stash of products to use up!

Have any of you tried this cleanser?  Let me know in the comments!


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