Smith’s Rosebud Salve & Strawberry Lip Balm

I am a sucker for vintage beauty items, so when I saw these at Sephora in the checkout line my impulsive shopper inner demon made me buy these!


Rosebud Salve

I was a bit weary when I first got this because I didn’t know what to expect with the “rose” scent, since I’m usually put off by strong rose smells.  This has a faint rosy scent but not anything like great grandma would have worn.  I love the consistency too.  It has many different ways you can use this like on dry skin, taming fly-aways, as a lip balm and even as an eye makeup remover!  I mainly use it as lip gloss, but I have used it for dry painful elbows, and it helped tremendously with healing that painful patch of dryness.   I use it every single day on my lips and they feel so soft and not chapped!


I thought that since I loved the Rosebud Salve so much that this would be just as good.  It smelled seriously yummy in the tin, but when I applied it to my lips- YUCK!  I kept getting a chemical strawberry taste in my mouth which never happened with the Rosebud.  The consistency also felt different to me.  It was harder to pick up from the tin, unlike the Rosebud which just comes out with the swipe of a finger.  Too bad, because I had high hopes for it.


Overall, I’m loving the Rosebud Salve and will continue to purchase it!  The Strawberry one I’ll keep just because I like the design of the tin, ha ha.  I was also interested in trying out the Boysenberry one, but now I’m weary about it too.

They both cost $6 at Sephora or Ulta, and you get a pretty good amount of product for the price in my opinion!

Has anyone tried any other flavors of these?  Let me know your thoughts!

Have a great weekend!!!




2 thoughts on “Smith’s Rosebud Salve & Strawberry Lip Balm

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