Tarte Hamptons Weekender Contour Palette

A friend of mine kept raving about how awesome this little palette was, so naturally I had to get it to see what the hype was about!

Now I really didn’t need to get this because I already own probably 10 bronzers, blushes and highlighters. But I decided what the heck I’ll get this and not get another until I’m done with this and use down the other ones.




The kit is very small and almost looks like a small address book at first glance, and even opens up like a book to reveal the makeup.  It has a magnetic closure, and the gold inside the palette makes this a major pain to photograph!

Shade Breakdown

Beach Getaway-  a champagne highlighter

Summer House- a rosy matte blush

Farmer’s Market- a caramel, matte contour

All three shades are pressed powders, and they each apply easily as well as blend out beautifully.  I love the names of the shades also!  Really gets you in the mood for slowly approaching spring!

Swatches Without Flash & With Flash

This little kit packs some serious pigmentation!  I blindly went into it the first day I used it, not expecting it to be so saturated!  As my friend who recommended this said, there really should be a warning label on this that reads “go in with an extremely light hand!  Super pigmented!”  lol!  The shade “beach getaway,” the highlighter is probably the most blinding highlight I own at this point!  I am really impressed by how extreme it looks!  The blush is very neutral and the whole palette is labelled as “universally flattering.”  I also love the “farmer’s market” contouring shade, just be careful and apply lightly!

This palette contains tarte’s famous Amazonian Clay, which is skin balancing and long wearing.  I wear this for 8+ hours, and still look “lit from within” by the end of the day!    I love how this gives you that sunkissed look.

I don’t know if its just me or not, but I noticed a slight “cocoa” scent to this makeup, almost like one of Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes!  I don’t see anything about this being scented, so maybe I’m just crazy…lol



I got this from Ulta for $23, and I think its a great deal!  It’s so cute yet very powerful and I feel like its a must have!

Do any of you own this?  Let me know!







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