Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy Highlighter

As soon as I saw this beauty, I knew it belonged in my collection!  I had no idea who Amrezy even was, but I knew that I didn’t have a shade like this.  And that packaging?  Yes please!

I actually tried to find cheaper dupes for this before I bought it, to no avail.  So I took the plunge and forked out $29 for it at Sephora.

The packaging is stunning with it’s stars and rose gold border.  The compact contains a nice sized mirror and of course the good good:  a light, brilliant gold rippled highlighter.  The unique ripple effect makes it look as if liquid gold was poured into this compact!

I can honestly admit that while I was super hyped up to get this, and after seeing how blinding it looked on the girls on Insta, when I first used it, it wasn’t as bold for me!  I kept seeing the gurus effortlessly applying this to their cheekbones and having this crazy ass unreal glow, and I was getting super annoyed about it! LOL!!!! Had to admit that.    It was time to learn a couple new tricks to make this work, and I’m glad I did.

First, I had to use a different brush, because the little Real Techniques Setting Brush I’d been using wasn’t cutting it.  It wasn’t dense enough or firm enough in my opinion, and as annoyed and salty as I was watching the videos on IG, I noticed they all had one thing in common:  they were all using a more dense brush.  BINGO bitch.  So I found a NYX “Holographic Halo Sculpting Highlighting Brush” at Ulta for $16.  God that’s a mouthful.   Anyway, it is more highlighting friendly, and gets the job done.


Next I had to realize that I needed to use this wet to get the full effect.  When used wet, I can really tell the difference and holy cow what a sight!  It looks awesome now!  I am using the MAC Fix + spray, but any setting spray can be used. Even water from a spray bottle will work fine. And as always, if you want a more subtle highlight, you can always use it dry!

Here are the swatches with it used dry on the top, and wet on the bottom:


And, here is side view of me wearing it:


Now I’m by far no master at applying highlighter just yet, but I think it looks beautiful and would look great on everyone!  It doesn’t fade away after a few hours of wear, still shining bright at 5 o’clock!

What do y’all think???  I think it was well worth the money and another dazzlingly gorgeous item on my vanity!


9 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy Highlighter

  1. That looks beautiful on you 😍 I actually bought it from BeautyBay but for some reason it was returned to them and now they are out of stock 😏 Hope they get it back because your post makes me a little envious 😅


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