Dirty Little Secret Baked Highlighter in “Prosecco”

I want to share today a highlighter I received last month from my ipsy bag, which is the Baked Highlighter by Dirty Little Secret.  This is the first highlighter I’ve tried from them, and I have to say it’s actually really good since I am a highlighter junkie 100%!

I got the shade “Prosecco” which described as mauve with a touch of shimmer.


Top: Dry; Bottom: Wet

On Face



The formula is amazing, in that it goes on really easy and blends out.  It is very highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way!  I tried using it both wet and dry, and both came out the same, didn’t really intensify while wet, but I did notice that when used wet, it gets harder to blend so you have to work fast otherwise you will end up with a stripe of color!  I didn’t see that the color faded through the day either; it stays put!

The full size version of this sells for $14, and I think that is a pretty good price point for a decent highlighter that will last you a while. Plus, Dirty Little Secret is cruelty free!

Have any of you tried this or any fellow ipsters receive it this month?

PS: It feels so good to be back to my normal, random ass self!  I was so terribly unmotivated last week due to the pain and mental fog that comes with UTIs and kidney infection/stones!