Neutrogena Mask Collection “It’s In The Gel”

I was recently sent samples from Neutrogena and BrandBacker of three of their new face masks to test out and review.  I received the Radiance Boost Brightening Hydrogel mask, Deep Clean Purifying Hydrogel mask, and the Deep Clean Purifying Wash-Off Clay mask.  So happy to have had this opportunity!


Deep Clean Wash Off Clay Mask

This little pod is so cute to me!  I really enjoyed how this felt on my skin.  Even though I applied a thick layer of this on my face, I still have plenty left for another use.  I liked that this mask didn’t feel tight or restricting like some clay masks I’ve tried, and after the 15 minutes of wear, it rinsed off easily and my skin felt deeply cleansed.  I had no irritation, and it’s labeled as being a gentle cleanser.

Some key features of this clay mask are that it contains two different types of clay, “kaolin and bentonite” to penetrate deep into pores and remove all the nasties.  It’s also oil free and non-comedogenic.

I would definitely purchase and use this again.


Radiance Boost Brightening and Deep Clean Hydrogel Masks

This is my very first time ever trying a mask other than a cotton or paper sheet, and I am IN LOVE.  The hydrogel feels so cooling on my skin, adheres and conforms to every contour of my face.  The hydrogel actually contains 50% more of the product than regular paper sheet masks, so that’s a huge plus!  They also smell very fresh and clean!

I need to point out that this mask has extra flaps around the eye and mouth cutouts, and at first they drove me crazy because I didn’t know what to do with them, but I decided to tuck them under the mask and it seemed like they actually worked as a grip to keep the mask in place.  I doubt that is the purpose for those flaps, but hey- nobody else addressed the issue and the instructions said nada about them.

The masks come in two separate pieces, one for the top half of the face, the other for the bottom.  I feel like this made for an even better fit.

I left this on for 20 minutes, and when I removed it, I could instantly see a difference.  My skin really did look more radiant- cleaner, and moisturized.  I liked that this mask didn’t feel overwhelmingly soaked and frozen like cotton/paper ones do, and my face wasn’t soaked afterwards either, just the right amount of excess to easily pat into my skin.


All of Neutrogena’s masks contain:

  • Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin supple and hydrated
  • Vitamin B3 helps to brighten and boost skin’s radiance
  • Seaweed Extract that refreshes, soothes and purifies skin
  • Mineral Clay works to absorb excess oil and impurities

I really enjoyed this opportunity from Neutrogena and BrandBacker and also recommend these products and will be purchasing them on the regular!

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